Traila Active Steering technology for urban rail

At Traila, our ambition goes beyond a single solution; we are developing a suite of comprehensive Active Steering products and services that utilize sensor technology, advanced control automation systems, and state-of-the-art simulation analysis to create more efficient, robust, and safe rail transportation system designs.

Our technology expertise gained in the lab and in the field

To provide robust and reliable solutions for next generation rail vehicles, our engineers transcend traditional R&D boundaries by immersing themselves directly in the operational realities of the rail industry and bringing innovation directly to the tracks.


We are specialists in various sensor technologies, and our engineers develop new and interesting ways to apply advanced sensing for active steering postioning, track scanning and simulations improvement and validation.

Laser scan and Digital Twins

Our proprietary laser scanning algorithms give us almost perfect rail models for our real time simulations environment. The digital twins of our prototypes allow us to test millions of situations before realworld testing.

Multi-body simulation, vehicle dynamics

Using the industry standard SIMPACK® we can predict how our system works, and ensure that our solutions work in a variety of vehicles and configurations.

Control system development

Our control systems are built to interpret complex sensor inputs. Through rigorous testing and continuous improvement, we ensure our solutions are both innovative and practical for everyday use.”

Mechanical design

Real world testing of simulated solutions is the only way to prove our systems work in all situations. Our engineers are experts in turning ideas and concepts into reality.

Safety and certificates

As leaders in the push for active steering – safety is central to everything we do. We are TüV, IRIS and ISO certified.

Our development principles

Collaboration with partners in the field

By partnering with local operators, leading rail engineering consultants, and specialists in our niche areas of interest, we ensure that our solutions are deeply aligned with the operational realities and needs of the rail industry.

Safety at the core

Driven by a deep understanding of past challenges in active steering projects, we prioritize safety and rigorous testing protocols. Our strategy avoids over-complication by introducing innovation in a measured and agile manner, allowing us to better determine risk profiles.

Agile development

Using agile development methods, we combine rapid prototyping, control automation systems, and state-of-the-art simulation analysis. This approach allows us to iteratively refine our active steering solutions, respond quickly to new challenges, and continuously improve through feedback loops.

Developed with our partners in the field

We work with selected partners on the biggest challenges to solve system costs, curve speed and safety.

Our highlight: the laser scan

We developed our laser scan algorithms to improve our simulations environment and validate our sensor readings for our active steering development. Incidentally, the output is so good, that our partners requested the tech for creating high resolutions digital twins for track monitoring purposes.

Our scientific papers

Traila is at the forefront of scientific innovation. Our achievements include groundbreaking proprietary algorithms that significantly improve the precision and efficiency of rail vehicle maneuverability, advances in control system theory, new approaches to rail simulation, tribology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, as well as several patents for mechanical solutions in the rail industry.

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2023 IWC – by Tom Morris, Stefan Heinrich, Alberto Ronchi, Steven Cervello

Fast Analytical Wheel-Rail Contact Modelling for Realtime Capable MBS in HIL using MATLAB Simulink

2023 International Symposium on Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and Tracks – by Stefan Heinrich and Simone Urbinati