We develop solutions in the market

Our strength lies in our partnerships. Traila celebrates and fosters a rich ecosystem of rail innovators to bring well-rounded solutions to the market. We are located in the heart of rail technology development and surrounded by industrial leaders in Regensdorf, Zurich.

Collaborations with rail operators

Traila transcends traditional R&D boundaries by bringing innovation directly to the tracks. Our experts work side-by-side with rail operators across Switzerland, conducting rigorous real-world testing and refining our technology under various conditions and environments.

This hands-on approach ensures that our solutions are deeply aligned with the operational realities and needs of the rail industry.

Our Industry Memberships

Industrial partners

We strategically work with world class industrial experts, service partners and suppliers, to sensibly bring active steering into the market, and solve real world problems sustainably.

Partnerships with universities and innovation hubs

Our strength lies not only within our core team but in our extensive network that spans research collaborations with leading universities and innovation hubs across Europe.

Technical conferences

At Traila, attending and presenting papers at technical conferences is a crucial part of our engagement with the broader rail technology community. These events offer us a platform to showcase our innovative active steering system, gain insights from industry leaders, and stay aligned with the latest trends and challenges in rail technology.