Actively guiding the future of urban rail

Our vision

Traila is developing a pioneering active steering system for rail vehicles. We’re committed to designing solutions that do more than just move people. Our technologies enhance urban living and contribute to sustainable mobility, making cities more liveable while simultaneously reducing costs for operators. Our focus is on wheel track control in urban transportation, which has led to several successful pilot programs.

What makes us unique

Active steering technology platform

Our technology platforms provide scalability and seamless integration. We offer a comprehensive suite of products and services that enable the development of customized solutions and capabilities, while improving cost efficiency and streamlining operations.

Collaboration with the rail market

We involve rail operators and OEMs into the development process  to ensure our solutions are aligned with operational realities meet the dynamic needs of our rail partners.

Retrofitting every system

We retrofit rail vehicles with state-of-the-art technologies to create safe, robust and economic results.

Supercharged with digital twins and AI

We advance our technology through a rigorous testing regime that integrates cutting-edge simulations with digital twins, ensuring each iteration is grounded in precision and real-world applicability. This approach not only refines our solutions but also makes them simpler, safer, and more dependable.

«Our mission sets us ahead of the curve, but it’s the true collectiveness of the team that takes us there.»

Tom Morris
CEO, Traila

A group of experts that form the Traila Team

A team of seasoned

Our team is built on a wealth of industry experience, not only in the railway sector, but also in aviation, autonomous vehicle design, formula 1, and scientific research. This unique combination enables us to push boundaries with hardware and software solutions that are both pioneering and pragmatic.

Our certifications

Our milestones

Our plan for the future

At Traila, we are committed to making significant strides in delivering stronger, safer and more streamlined active steering solutions. Here’s a look at our strategic roadmap and what lies ahead.






Continuation of field tests and optimization.
Commercial alignment with industrial partners.
Commercial simulation projects to further validate our technology in real-world scenarios.

Integration of Traila Technology into vehicles.

Comprehensive acceptance testing.

Commercial release of Traila Active Steering System.

Expansion of Traila technology applications to include mountain railways.

Stay tuned.

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