Wheel-rail Interaction Pioneer Prof. Polach Working with Traila

May 2024

Traila was honored to welcome Prof. Oldrich Polach, a distinguished expert in vehicle dynamics and bogie design, and a pioneer in the field of wheel-rail interaction and creep forces.

Prof. Polach's seminar was profoundly enlightening and provided the Traila team with invaluable insights into the complexities of bogie dynamics. His deep dive into these topics provided a nuanced understanding of the factors that drive efficient and effective tram design.

Prof. Polach's name is synonymous with key advances in vehicle dynamics, particularly his contributions to simulation tools such as Simpack through the renowned Polach Algorithm. His presence at Traila has been a unique opportunity to combine theoretical expertise with practical applications, enhancing our knowledge and capabilities. His insights have greatly enriched our perspective on tram design and vehicle dynamics, making the challenges ahead seem more approachable.