Lukas Pfister 

Senior Mechanical Engineer


  • 15 years experience in the railway business in all different positions
  • Hands-on mentality
  • Introduced a couple of new products to the market

Most of the topics we are picking up with Traila have been made already in the past, but stopped due to several reasons too early in most of the cases assessed as impossible. As I do it in other topics in my life: Make the impossible possible!
Having our technology implemented does not mean, that we need to invent everything new. Applying this technology to existing vehicles can be a solution to have a better environment in the future. Look in the future but don’t forget the past!
Todays bogies are mostly designed to reduce squeel noises in the curve. They are all working, most of them not sufficient due to stability issues. Therefore being ahead of the curve and steer all the bogies through the narrow corners helps to improve already made experiences. Aged does not mean old, it means experienced!